The "Lean IT" House

The "LEAN (IT) Services" house consist of a basement, three pillars and a roof.

Basement - Foundation for our LEAN journey

  • Teamwork
  • 5S, clean the house and put everything in order
  • Standards
  • MUDA elimination
  • TPM, Total Productive Maintenance

  • Scope
    • Business Product
    • Business Process
    • Data
    • Application
    • Infrastructure
  • Variety
  • Flexibility
Pillar 2 - Employee Involvement

  • Flexibility & Motivation
  • Discipline to standards
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process and Results
  • Don't Judge, don't blame
Pillar 3 - Quality First

Roof - represents our vision/mission

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Competitiveness
Besides applying LEAN (IT) Services tools a key ingredient is to have a proper controlling process and toolkit available. Especially the view from the customer on cost is important, we should consider target costing principles as a starting point as this will give us the cost gap that needs to be closed.

One of the challenges in a (IT) Services environment is to define proper metrics to measure the performance of (IT) services.

As a basis you should try to apply the QCD(S)M principle:

  • Quality - First time right percentage
  • Cost - Percentage compaired to target cost for a given service
  • Delivery - Correct time, correct quantity, correct service
  • Motivation - Amount of people suggestions

  • Safety - Amount of incidents

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