Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lean (IT) Services

It is time to "Re-invent the future of IT" and use the new possibilities effectively (e.g. utility based computing) with the goal for IT to be recognized as "adding value" rather then "adding cost through automation".

Back in the 60's TPS (Toyota Production System) was developed in the manufacturing industry which consist of several key principles grouped by 4 P's:
  • Philosophy; long term thinking
  • Process; eliminate waste
  • People and Partners; respect, challenge and grow them
  • Problem Solving; continuous improvement and learning
These principles can be applied in several dimensions through out the world of (IT) Services:
  • Organization; making sure the entire organization understands the value proposition delivered through (IT) Service capabilities
  • Technology; making sure all aspects of these (IT) Service capabilities (Business Process, Data, Application as well as Infrastructure) are aligned from Strategy development until Operation (and at end-of-life including Decommisioning)
  • Processes; making sure the delivery of capabilities is driven through structured processes
Through out the blog we will ...
The goal is to optimize the value proposition of IT and make a significant positive contribution to the bottom line of the Enterprise.

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